Every company has a target audience, and every audience has a network with the power to influence their purchase decisions. PetersGroup is the bridge to your audience. With our constantly growing connections to influencers in B2B spheres, our services not only link you directly to your target, but to the people who can advocate to your target customers on your behalf.

Our holistic counsel and balanced guidance is delivered in the form of integrated communications campaigns that enhance brand credibility, secure customer buy-in and inspire loyalty via strategic content, media and analyst relations, speaker programs and go-to-market campaigns.

PetersGroup has a reputation for transforming complex scenarios into meaningful stories and bold sound bytes. This is because we start every campaign by getting to know you. We conduct in-depth research, extensive messaging sessions and competitive analyses to reach the truth about your company’s strengths, weaknesses and goals. With realistic information, we guide you through a proven process to craft a brand message that magnifies your strengths, supplements your weaknesses and complements your plans for the future.

PetersGroup’s unique ability to translate complex technology solutions into easily grasped business-oriented value propositions was instrumental in helping us secure key client wins.

Doug Wallace

Windor Nixdorf