Independent Insurance Agents of Texas




Independent Insurance Agents of Texas (IIAT) is the largest statewide association of independent agents in the United States. PetersGroup was secured to establish IIAT as a leading insurance resource in Texas. Our goal was to educate and impact state and local officials, leveraging community relationships and equipping IIAT with the tools needed to share their story.


PetersGroup assessed the unique potential of IIAT in the marketplace through perception studies and message development with legislative and media representatives. We then developed a wide range of communications tools that advocated IIAT and educated state and local officials, media representatives and consumers on the benefits of contracting independent insurance agents.


We successfully branded IIAT as a trusted insurance resource among statewide media and government officials. IIAT was featured in a wide variety of print and broadcast stories and was honored as a leading sponsor of the Texas PTA “Consequences 101″ video, educating teens not to drink and drive. Our efforts secured promotion for the IIAT non-profit foundation and education-outreach initiatives.