Brand Messaging


Messaging is the crucial first stage of an effective marketing and public relations initiative. To develop an effective messaging platform, our firm leads you through a process of research and analysis to arrive at an articulated message that truly reflects your company and its goals. This message positions you for success, becoming the crux of any content strategy, go-to-market campaign, speaker program, public relations campaign or other interaction with your target audience.

We provide you with a message framework based not only on your immediate marketing aspirations, but on the state of your business as a whole. Our brand messaging process examines your business, customers and the marketplace, resulting in fuel for sustainable campaigns that resonate with your targets and benefit your bottom-line.

Content Strategy

Using your messaging framework, we deliver a navigable content strategy based on your communications goals and business objectives. This comprehensive plan will outline the right messages and stories for portraying your brand across earned, owned, and shared media spaces, such as your website, traditional media and social media sites.

With PetersGroup as our partner, we took a very methodical approach to our communications strategy. They meticulously created and tested a message platform that became the foundation for all our market facing communications. Their efforts were instrumental to our success.

Cody Aufricht, VP Marketing