Circular Energy




Circular Energy, a leading, full-service solar design and installation company, expressed its heart for the community by designing, donating and installing a complete solar power system for the Austin Children’s Shelter. Circular Energy sought to convey its mission and community focus to potential customers by capitalizing on the donation project.


PetersGroup designed a program to promote the relationship, raise visibility of Circular Energy, position the company as a leader in its industry, boost executive thought leadership and convey to the community its commitment to sustainable energy. We garnered media attention for the event and its related story angles and introduced Circular Energy executives to key influencers and media.


With the success of the program, Circular Energy was positioned as a leader in the sustainable energy field. Its mission, message and story of giving were broadcasted to top local news stations, and a network of 450 energy, technology, business, sustainability, community, and philanthropy reporters.