L-3 AVISYS, a company that provides self-protection systems, was receiving insufficient coverage in aviation, defense and business media. The company had no messaging in place, and a lack of proactive outreach and regular briefings rendered most trade and business reporters unaware of the company’s presence.


PetersGroup worked with the executive team on the L-3 AVISYS message and brand for consistent communication with trade and business media. We implemented aggressive outreach to key trade and business media, increasing the visibility of L-3 AVISYS and educating targets on electronic warfare, aviation and the military. We also created a speaker program to increase market visibility.


The media outreach, which consisted of over 30 media briefings, resulted in 40+ articles and one broadcast from outlets like The New York Times, U.S. News & World Report and CNN. It also established new relationships with key trade, business and broadcast media. L-3 Avisys benefitted from speaker placements at key industry events and attracted interest from investment firms.