Erin Hurley, VP Strategy

Erin HurleyErin Hurley has fifteen years of experience helping companies across industries globally in the execution of business development strategies and marketing initiatives.

She is responsible for helping launch several early-stage technology companies specializing in tailored marketing analyses with a focus on revenue and lead generating strategies, refreshing corporate and product brand awareness, and driving sales into new markets.

Prior to joining PetersGroup, Erin was the Director of Operations and Head of Marketing for The Austin Technology Council where she created a revenue and lead generating strategy that resulted in marketing campaigns generating Inbound leads with the ability to create data-driven ROI and in alignment with sales was responsible for helping fill the funnel and proved increase in month over month marketing-generated revenue.

Erin holds a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Southwest Texas State University and completed coursework focused on International Marketing at St. Louis University’s Madrid, Spain campus.

In her spare-time Erin likes to travel and spend time with her beagle, Bella.