MedStar Funding




MedStar Funding, a company that specializes in the purchase of current and historical medical liens, required greater visibility to acquire new business. They needed a strategic communications campaign to position them before relevant audiences.


PetersGroup conceptualized and executed a national, three-touch direct mail campaign that targeted two key audiences: personal injury attorneys and healthcare providers. Designed to stand out among the text-heavy documents and materials that surround injury attorneys and healthcare providers on a daily basis, the high-impact campaign featured multi-dimensional visual images that resonated with personal injury cases.


The campaign’s tactility and creative visual angle made MedStar Funding stand out among other industry voices. The first campaign push generated a 300% increase in overall website traffic, and, within the first two weeks, it garnered more than 270 unique visits to the MedStar Funding website. MedStar Funding also reported an increase in inbound phone leads as a result of the outreach.