Samsung Austin Semiconductor




Samsung Austin Semiconductor (SAS) is one of the largest recipients of foreign investments in the United States, but only 2% of the world’s new semiconductor fabrication plants lie in the U.S. Committed to meeting market demand, SAS needed to attract more than 1,200 qualified engineers and related support staff to work at its Austin location within 120 days.


PetersGroup structured an aggressive recruiting campaign that began with a reputation and awareness audit of the SAS online presence. Interviews were conducted with current and recently hired SAS employees, along with candidates who did not join the company and even some who had resigned. The purpose was to understand perception and sentiment about SAS and create a storyboard of sound-bites and opportunities for a new message platform to overcome any online chatter and more confidently position SAS as a desirable work environment with advanced technology opportunities.


SAS exceeded their new-hire talent pipeline, hitting their quota 30 days early.