Southwest Engineers Prepares for Seventh Phase of Expansion in Rapidly Expanding Texas County


Leading Texas firm continues decades-long partnership with Wilson County

Austin, TX – October 30, 2013 – Southwest Engineers Inc., a full-service civil and environmental engineering firm, announced today its continued partnership with Abrego Development Company on the rapid expansion of Abrego Lake subdivision in Wilson County near San Antonio. The seventh phase of expansion will provide homes for more than 650 total community residents in one of the premier neighborhoods in the region.

Over the past decade, Wilson County has experienced a rapid population growth of 32.4%, more than twice that of the state increase of 12.7%. The additional people have led to a booming acceleration in residential construction throughout the northwest portion of the county.

The rapid growth Wilson County communities are experiencing requires adherence to regulations that were previously not in place. They are now starting to follow many of the same requirements found in urban areas like San Antonio and Austin.

“Subdivision regulations in Wilson County were fairly minimal when we first began land development work on Abrego Lake eight years ago,” said John Littlefield, CEO of Southwest Engineers. “Since then, the requirements for street and drainage design, detention, and other hydraulic engineering concerns have become much more strict with each new phase of subdivision expansion. These new regulations protect the county and its citizens and provide for a better product for the homebuyers.”

The experienced team at Southwest Engineers supports a due diligence process enabling Abrego Lake to seamlessly adapt to the county’s regulations, fostering rapid growth and development and minimizing the disruptive effects of rapid change to create healthy, sustainable communities.

Since Phase 1 of the Abrego Lake project in 2005, Southwest Engineers has managed extensive land development and water projects throughout the property, including extensive street and drainage design and a turn lane off the new TxDOT highway. Abrego Lake currently houses 171 homes that range in size from 1.01 acres to 5.12 acres. The seventh phase of expansion will add 60 lots to the subdivision.

As part of the seventh and latest phase of expansion, Southwest Engineers will assist with a variety of land development and civil engineering services, including street and drainage design, water distribution systems, storm sewers, and analysis and delineation of flood plains.

“The seamless planning and development for our single-family lot expansion at Abrego Lake has been a collaborative alliance with Southwest Engineers,” said Kevin Brown, president of Abrego Development Company.  “Their expertise with water way planning and drainage along with land development is helping us create a more sustainable community. They are working with us to set the same standards for other projects including Eden Crossing in Wilson County and Kenedy Station in Karnes County.”


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