Worldcom Appoints First Managing Director To Lead Strategic Expansion Efforts

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Austin, Texas – September 4, 2013  – WORLDCOM Public Relations Group (Worldcom), the world’s leading partnership of independently owned public relations firms with 128 offices employing 1,900 staff in 102 markets across six continents, announced today the appointment of Todd Lynch as the organization’s first managing director starting September 2, 2013.

Reporting to the Worldcom Group Board, the new managing director role includes setting strategy and direction for the company and elevating shared best practices and knowledge so that client-communication programs have immediate impact and lasting value.  He is charged also with raising visibility of the Worldcom brand globally and representing it successfully in the international PR community.  In addition, he will continue to fuel Worldcom’s growth by recruiting new partners worldwide and establishing a stronger revenue base that drives the delivery of enhanced services to partners – empowering them to compete more efficiently at local, regional and global levels.

“We are delighted Todd has accepted this strategic position, especially since he has been a Worldcom partner for 13 years, understands Worldcom clearly and knows our partners well,” said Stephanie Paul, Worldcom global chair and managing director of Phillips Group in Brisbane, Australia.  “Because of his 20-plus years in leadership positions in PR and integrated-communications agencies, he has a demonstrated track record in leading clients and staff in today’s rapidly evolving PR and communications marketplace.  He also has proven management skills that will be critical in advancing Worldcom’s position globally, enhancing partner value with tools and resources, and facilitating our partners to share more business to foster stronger relationships and improve their bottom lines.”

“This is an exciting time to further strengthen Worldcom’s 25-year success as the world’s leading partnership of independent PR firms.  I am fully committed to working closely with the Worldcom Group Board and its three regional boards to assist partners in competing more proficiently,” said Lynch.  “I have a deep understanding of Worldcom’s needs from a partner’s perspective and fresh insights to support Worldcom’s future growth.”

Lynch, who was formerly vice president of client relations at Worldcom partner firm St. John & Partners in Jacksonville, Florida, was serving as Worldcom’s Americas Region board chair and chair-elect of the Worldcom board at the time of his appointment.

His selection came at the end of a comprehensive 12-month search involving more than 160 applicants, conducted by a committee led by Hal Dash, president of Cerrell Associates in Los Angeles.  “We have been preparing for the succession of our retiring Worldcom Chief Operating Officer Daisy Guthin, who led the organization for the last 18 years,” said Dash.  “We expect a smooth transition between Daisy and Todd over the next few months.”

“Serving this vibrant global organization and working hand-in-hand with some of the most talented PR professionals has been immensely rewarding,” said Guthin.  “I have had the privilege of collaborating with the most successful independent PR firms across the globe on a daily basis – enabling the group to develop processes that meet the culture-centric needs of our partners around the world.  I am very excited about this new and expanded position and know Todd will do a superb job taking Worldcom to higher levels of worldwide recognition and impact.”

About the Worldcom Public Relations Group

Worldcom Public Relations Group is the world’s leading partnership of independently owned public relations firms, with 128 offices employing 1,900 staff in 102 markets across six continents.  In total, Worldcom partners reported combined revenue of US$343 million last year from 3,286 clients, with some 80 Worldcom partner firms sharing business referrals across 90 clients.  Established in 1988, the group was formed so that the strongest, most capable independent firms could deliver immediate impact and sustained value through the intelligent use of communications – wherever in the world a client needs support.  Partners serve national, international and multinational clients, while retaining the flexibility and client-service focus inherent in independent agencies.  Through Worldcom, clients have on-demand access to in-depth communications expertise from professionals who understand the language, culture and customs of the geographic areas in which they operate.

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